👩‍🏫 Live Streaming Physical Activity: A Guide

People across the world need to stay physically active whilst isolating at home - it's time for you to take your classes online.

🤖 We're here to help you get online

Current world conditions are making it hard for instructors, studios and gyms to do what they do best - helping people to live healthy, active lives.
But our sector doesn't go down without a fight! 💪
With gyms, leisure centres and community venues shut, the digital world has opened up a new way to consume exercise. Organisations, big and small, are making their way online by the barrel-full to offer workouts.
The aim of this guide is to help activity providers of all shapes and sizes take their expertise online. Whether that's yoga, bootcamp, pilates, dance fitness or whatever else, you can easily take advantage of this. You may have worked hard to build a loyal following and strong relationships with your members, which is something you should work to protect, and even strengthen.
It doesn't take long to get your classes online, however, there are a few things to think through, which will be covered in the various sections of this guide.
There are two main types of online workout: on-demand (watch whenever) and live stream (instructor is live). This guide will focus on live streamed exercise classes.
If you just want to get going quickly, check out our lightning ⚡️quick steps:

👨‍💻 Who are we?

We are imin and we believe a different way of sharing data in our sector can get people more physically active.
We support a number of local authorities, health bodies, sports bodies and activity providers to tap into the power of open data to reach new audiences and get more people into physical activity.
But mainly, we really want to do all we can to help everyone in this time of need. We wrote this guide for our partners to support their communities (e.g. local authorities supporting local activity providers to start live streaming their exercise classes), but realised the research we were doing would be useful for everyone, right now - so we're publishing it for free here for everyone and anyone to use. We've scanned the best how-to's and information we can find on the web, worked with leading industry authorities (including EMD UK, the the national governing body for group exercise), spoken directly to instructors and participants, and produced the most helpful guide we could.
It's not going to be perfect, so please tell us how we can improve it and we'll be happy to do so. If you've got any specific questions, please email us at [email protected] - we're always happy to help.
Neither imin nor any of the third parties referred to in this guide accept no responsibility for any damage, loss, liabilities, death or injury incurred or suffered by instructors or participants if using this guide in the delivery of online activities.
It is the responsibility of instructors to ensure they have the relevant qualifications, insurance, disclaimers, music licensing and safeguarding procedures in place.
Always use your common sense when it comes to delivering online activities.

🤝 Please use and re-use this guide!

This entire guide is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. If your organisation would find this guide useful, please use it in whatever way you want. All you need is to make sure you attribute the source material - ask us if you're not sure how to do so.
If you want to talk to us about using this guide in any other way, we'd be happy to discuss and we're very open to re-use! Please get in touch at [email protected].