The big welcome

You only get one opportunity to start the class. Make sure it's on the right foot!

👋 Think about how you greet people

Think about how you greet the client. How do you greet them in person? This might be an unusual experience for them. Appreciate and reassure them that this is a strange time for them and this is a time for them to have some time for themselves.

👷‍♀️ Try to build a rapport

The trainer represents a sense of normality during a strange time. Try to mimic your in-person style - by having the same structure, focus and tone of your normal workouts, you will provide a sense of normality for your attendees, who will most likely be dealing with a lot of upheaval and change already! People are starting to find their feet at this time. Try to be a sense of comfort.

😊 It's a privilege for you

It’s a privilege to be invited into people’s homes. You might see kids joining in, spouses taking part. This is a chance for you to inspire the whole family in fitness. Encourage attendees to share physical activity and movement with their family members - we’re all in this together.

✅ Let people know they've made the right choice

People come to you for a reason. There are lots of other choices out there - on-demand classes, running, people can even buy their own weights - however, there is a reason people still look for the live, personal experience. You want them to have a great time. Welcome them at the start of the session.

😇 Be honest with people

Just be honest with people - they will understand that you’re used to leading classes in a physical space, but we’re all new to this and adapting takes time. The important thing is that you’re trying. People will appreciate just being a part of something.