🏃‍♂️Start live streaming in 4 lightning ⚡️quick steps

Don't want to hang around? Nor should you! Get streaming your live classes and help the nation stay active.

There is a lot of content to read through in this guide to get you set up to be a pro at live streaming your classes.

However, you might not care too much about the detail and just want to just get going! We don't want to stand in your way, so this page is for you, our fast-acting friend! 🤗

🏇 The Quick Guide to Live Streaming

  1. Choose a live streaming platform. If you want to run an interactive session, set up with Zoom. Otherwise you can use Facebook Live, Instagram Live or YouTube Live.

  2. Add your live stream session into a class management system or booking system that is OpenActive enabled. This will allow your class to be published, for free, across many, many platforms that will promote your class to their millions of users.

  3. Check you have adequate insurance cover to teach online, as well as the correct music licencing if you use music. It is advised you contact your insurance provider to check if you are covered to deliver online classes. EMD UK has a very helpful set of FAQs to help with this.

  4. Run an awesome session like only you know how! 💪

The CIMSPA website states the following:

Working with leading sector partners CIMSPA have developed this policy to define and enable good practice – supporting independent practitioners across the UK to keep delivering and keep the nation active.

We highly recommend you make use of this policy before delivering any activities online. The policy includes information on qualifications, insurance, disclaimers, recording sessions, participant and practitioner safety, safeguarding, legislation, music licensing and policy compliance.

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