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Why live stream your classes?

At this time of national emergency, exercise has never been more important. Taking your classes into the nation's homes will help people stay physically and mentally active, and strengthen communities

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 For the sense of community and familiarity

There has been such a drastic change in people's lives recently that a sense of community is so important right now, so it may not be all about the exercise. A lot of people will just be craving social interaction at the moment. By joining a live stream class, participants will feel a part of something bigger.
What's more, for isolated people to be able to see an instructor with whom they are familiar, and even the friends they usually see in a class, is hugely important right now. As an instructor, your value right now cannot be overemphasised! You are essential for people’s health and wellness at this time of national emergency. But this is also an opportunity to encourage new people to get involved...

📈 For the opportunity to engage more people and hone your skills

There has never been a better time to be a fitness professional confined to your home. There are so many digital tools and solutions that will help you easily make the transition to online classes. So think of this as a great opportunity to engage with new people - people who might never have attended one of your in-person classes.
It’s not very often that we get such an incredible opportunity to improve our offering so drastically. This is a chance for you to step out of your comfort zone (if you're new to this), hone your coaching skills and think about becoming a better instructor. Once things return to normal and we go back to our normal routines, your experience of delivering live stream classes online might well benefit your business in the long term. Who knows, you might like to continue with your online classes to serve those people who cannot attend in person.

👏 For sheer enjoyment and the routine

Why do people choose live stream rather than on-demand classes? According to some research by Facebook, on average people spend upwards of 3x more time watching a Facebook Live video compared to a video that is no longer live. Why? Because Facebook Live videos are more interesting in the moment than after the fact.
Live streamed classes also provide a sense of routine for them: it is a reason for them to get up at 7:50am for the 8am Pilates class; it forces them to step away from their emails for 45 minutes of HIIT over lunch; it is an hour of yoga that they can look forward to after the home-schooled kids are in bed. People need a routine during this difficult time.

👂 You'll give and get feedback

What's more, depending on your choice of live stream solution, this is a two-way relationship. People will watch you, but you can interact with them as they workout in your class. You can still provide advice, tips and the words of encouragement that people still crave. You motivate them.
And finally, let's not forget, this is a challenging time for you as an instructor. Many changes and a need to adapt. You will get immediate feedback from the people in your live stream class - we guarantee you that the huge round of applause from oodles of houses at the end of a workout will inspire you into your next class. They motivate you.