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Onwards and upwards to the next class

How to ensure you keep improving and people keep coming back.

👁 Self-evaluation

Watch your recording back and see what you could have done differently. Be critical of worked well and what worked less well. Now is the time to combine the information from the recording from your own personal experience of how it felt to improve your workout before the next class.

🗳 Ask others for feedback

The best feedback will be from the people who attended your class. Is there something they didn't enjoy or something they loved that you could incorporate more of next time? All feedback is good feedback.

🎥 Share your recording

Can you share you class with those who attended? They might want to do it at their own leisure. Perhaps if you limit access to a certain amount of time then people will be more likely to attend your live streamed classes, which is what we all want!

🎺 Blow your own trumpet

Shout about your class on social media. Ask those who attended to shout about it, too. Never has there been a more important time for a digital presence. And don't forget to continue listing your classes on an open data activity finder - that way thousands of people can find them across a number of different apps and websites: