🎨Your system and OpenActive

So, you've decided that it makes sense for you to use a class management/booking system. Now just make sure it is "OpenActive enabled"!

βœ… You already use a class management or booking system...

Excellent! In order to reap the full rewards and increase the visibility of your classes, you need to check if your chosen system is "OpenActive enabled":

  • If your system is OpenActive enabled, great! You're in the perfect position to advertise your virtual classes far and wide!

  • If your system is not OpenActive enabled, then you can either:

    • Use one of the systems on offer in addition to your current system (although this is not recommended as maintaining information in both places doubles your effort); or

    • Replace your existing system and use one of the OpenActive enabled systems on offer as your new class management/booking system.

  • If you are not sure if your existing system is OpenActive enabled or if it is not on the list of systems on offer, we highly recommend that you ask them to do the necessary work to become OpenActive enabled. It should not take them long. Alternatively, please do email hello@openactive.io with information about your system so the team at OpenActive can help make this a reality.

πŸ’­ You don't use a class management or booking system yet, but want to...

Don't panic! That's an excellent position to be in.

There are class management/booking systems of all shapes and sizes out there for you to choose from. The following section lists some of the systems on offer that you can choose from. Pick one and you're off!

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